Hot yoga, pilates, bootcamp, & fusion classes designed with you in mind.

Hotsource Yoga Classes

Our intention is to offer you space to breathe, sweat and thrive!

Most of our classes are heated between 95-105 F, so be prepared to sweat! All yoga classes at the studio can accommodate any level of ability and rigor. You will not be judged or pushed to go beyond your limits.

Hot Yoga Fusion is a flow-based practice with more Vinyasa than our Hot Yoga class. Think down-dogs and planks. This is a fun class full of upbeat music to help you charge through your workout! Every Friday evening during our 4:30pm class, we have a themed-music driven Hot Yoga Party. Join us for this fun end of the week class that gives you the opportunity to flow and unwind from the workweek. All levels welcome!

Hot Yoga Fusion 60 & 75

Our Hot Pilates Sculpt class is similar to our basic Hot Pilates, but with the additional use of hand weights. Choose the weight amount you are comfortable with, and prepare for an amazing workout! All levels welcome!

Hot Pilates Sculpt

Beginner friendly. Hot Yoga 60 Minute & 90 Minute are a set sequence of the 26 standard hot yoga poses completed twice over (26/2) to music. You will be led through this class with support, including suggestions for modifications and variations to make your experience positive and effective.

Hot Yoga 60 & 90

Barefoot Bootcamp is a heated one-hour intense workout all performed while barefoot and within the four corners of your yoga mat. This music-driven class is upbeat and rigorous, occasionally incorporating the use of weights and other yoga props! All levels welcome!

Barefoot Bootcamp

Yoga Sculpt is a mix between Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, and our Barefoot Bootcamp! This class incorporates yoga postures into the format of a rigorous exercise. Choose from various hand weights to fit your needs. Be prepared to sweat! All levels welcome.

Yoga Sculpt

Our Hot Pilates class is an amazing workout! This one-hour class is heated to between 95-103F. We utilize the principles of the Pilates method, combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) set to powerful and upbeat music. Our Express class is the same amazing workout condensed into 45 minutes. All levels welcome!

Hot Pilates 60 & Express

Beginner friendly. Warm Yin is a gentle, restorative yoga class. This one-hour class takes place in a warm, cozy environment that is less heated than our other classes. We focus on seated yoga poses, allowing you to fall into each pose and find a deep, relaxing stretch. Join us for this meditative, heart-opening class.

Warm Yin 60

Through the You Are Enough Yoga Project Nonprofit, we offer free unheated and moderately headed yoga for youth ages 4-12 and 13-17. In these classes, students will be introduced to Vinyasa style yoga, develop mindful movement, and learn easy to understand mediation basics. We help promote body-awareness, self-study, and self-empowerment. Every course is taught by a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified instructor. Pre-registration is not necessary, and all classes are FREE.

Free Kids & Teen Yoga 60

Beginner friendly. Core Fusion is half Mat Pilates half Yoga Fusion. This one-hour class takes place in a warm, cozy environment that is less heated than our other classes. Strengthen your core with slow targeted movements balanced with a fusion type flow.

Core Fusion

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