Teacher Training

We offer several formats to fit your lifestyle:

● 30 Hour Hot Pilates Teacher Training - Online
● 50 Hour Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training - Aptos, CA
● 200 Hour Teacher Training - Aptos, CA
● Guest Studio Teacher Training Program - Various

You will receive in-depth explanations of the physiology behind each workout, with advice and guidance backed by years of experience. 

Through our teacher training programs, we can help you become a better leader, helping others to reach their fitness goals with confidence, while having fun!

Our teacher training programs are designed to provide you with all of the skills and tools you need to be an effective and life-changing yoga instructor and coach.

Our Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training is led by Nicole Duke, and will be held as a 3 day training March 11th - 13th from 12pm-5:30pm.

The Yoga Sculpt training covers the following content:
• How to cue effectively

• Basic Yoga principles

• Basic strength training exercises

• How to incorporate weights

• How to create and construct a class

• Anatomy
 & Alignment
• Music

• How to be the BEST instructor!

Yoga Sculpt is a perfect blend of yoga, strength training, and cardio.

Build lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism while you have fun in a sweaty, upbeat environment. Each Yoga Sculpt class combines yoga sequencing, cardio exercises,  and strength-training moves like squats, lunges, and bicep curls.

Held at Hotsource Yoga in Aptos, CA

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

This comprehensive online Hot Pilates course covers over 30 exercises, including original exercises from Joseph Pilates’ repertoire. You will receive a full ready-to-teach Hot Pilates Sequence that can accomodate all fitness levels. 

Our flexible online format allows you to start at any time, and go at your own pace.  Click the link below for more information.

Online Training

30 Hour Online Hot Pilates Teacher Training

Spring 2020 Dates: TBD

Our Hot Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training course provides you with all of the materials and education you need to successfully lead your own Hot Yoga Sculpt classes. We provide you with key insights on teaching methods, special techniques, and how to safely and effectively incorporate the use of weights into a heated yoga class. 

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Held at Hotsource Yoga in Aptos, CA.

50 Hour Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training

Allow us to come to YOUR studio to facilitate a teacher training program for your students and local community. We offer the following programs:

● Hot Yoga 26/2
● Hot Yoga Fusion (Vinyasa)
● Hot Pilates/Hot Pilates Sculpt
● Yoga Sculpt

We provide all materials and education- you provide the studio and students! Contact us today to learn about this unique opportunity! 

at your studio

Guest Studio Teacher Training Program

Hot Source Yoga can help you earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) through enrollment in any of our teacher training programs.

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Earn CEUs

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